Maintenance of Minutes & Mandatory Registers

Maintenance of records is necessary to be followed by private or public limited companies.

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Maintenance of records is necessary to be followed by private or public limited companies. Every business entrepreneur needs to follow some legal documentation process for Preparation and Maintains of Minutes and Other Statutory Registers. This maintenance is required to keep records of every incorporated company. Now people can easily keep records by contacting the experts at JAL.

A business entrepreneur can get the benefit of special packages such as updating of directors, members, and many more services. These records and statutory register are kept in the registrar office of a company. Members, as well as Directors of the company and any other individual, can check certain records and registers of a company. Not to worry, we at is here to assist you in this aspect.

Therefore, we can say that non-maintenance of the mandatory registers and statutory records can give rise to penalties for a company. This penalty amount is to be paid by directors or any other officer in default.

Steps Involved in Maintaining Statutory Registers

Experts at explain the importance to maintain the records by regularly updating them. We also advice regarding any changes in revenue or records that need to be completely updated by a company. For this modification or adjustment of records is necessary. All this preparation and maintains of minutes and other statutory registers will take a certain interval of time.

  • First of all, the importance of completing all the forms by filling the necessary details is explained by the professionals at JAL. Then after filling a simple form submit the documents. In update, minutes of your documentation will get updated in almost 12-15 working days.
  • Now through an online process, the maintenance of record will be updated electronically. And this will further acquire approximately 25 working days. Within these 20-25 days, your updated details will be shared with you.
  • At last, the process of preparation, as well as maintenance, is completed.

When an individual contact the experts, he understands the importance of preparing, maintaining the statutory registers and minutes of his business. Contacting Munshijee would turn out to be a fruitful option and reap you great benefits in the future of your business.

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